Use Magnetism to Gather Force and Condense the Core to Cast Magnetism

Magnetic components have small eddy current heat loss
300+ magnetic component successful project experience
Free magnetic component design + planning, special customization

Wind Power Generator with Permanent
Magnetic Direct-Drive(Semi-drive)

Clean energy, beautiful earth

A Leading Permanent Magnets
Manufacturer Since 2011

for perfect rare earth permanent magnet solutions

Lean Production And
Intelligent Manufacturing

Magnet Production / Machining
Surface Protection / Recycling Manufacturing


  • Automobiles
  • Industry
  • Clean Energy
  • Health Care
  • Appliance Industry

New energy vehicle drive motors
EPS electric power steering system
ABS antilock brake system
Starting motors
Oil pump/water pump motors
Active braking system
Automotive generators
Automotive air conditioner compressor motors
Various sensors
Car Audios

Industrial motors
Industrial robots
Linear motors
Synchronous motors
Asynchronous motors
Power tools 
Energy-saving elevators
Industrial Sensors
Oil field pumping units

Wind turbine generators (semi-) directly driven by permanent magnets

Nuclear magnetic resonance
Medical equipment

Smart household appliances
Energy-saving air conditioning
Electronic controllers
linear vibration motors for Mobile phone 
Voice coil motors (VCM)
Office communication equipment
High-end consumer electronics
Cameras and video cameras
Audio and Headsets

Lead The Future With Science And Technology Innovation

Core Technologies

After years of technological innovation, the company has formed a core technology system for the entire magnet production process covering magnet production, machining, surface protection, recycled manufacturing and other links.

R&D Platform

The "National Key Laboratory of Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Materials" has the country's leading permanent magnet material R&D and testing equipment

Innovation Team

strong professionalism, reasonable structure, high efficiency and strong stability.

Research Achievements

Through independent research and development, technology introduction, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and industry-university-research cooperation, an advanced technological innovation system and corporate core competitiveness have been formed.

New Product Customization Service

Provide all products what you want

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